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Community Members

“The TEENS program provides our residents with job skills that are imperative to gain and maintain employment that they would not learn from a classroom setting.  They apply their skills while completing a variety of community service projects.  This program values giving back to the community as well as preparing our residents to enter the workforce.  Our staff are more than teachers to our residents, they have become mentors who have created a wonderful atmosphere for our kids to thrive.”

Erin Maloney, Superintendent, NRJDC

“Entry level job applicants very rarely come with any experience or training in the industry.  To receive an application from an entry level employee with a well-rounded formal training would be invaluable to a potential employer.  It would make the applicant truly stand out in a crowd and make my job easier.”

Johnny Craig, Owner, Fresh Cut Lawn Services


Student Feedback

“I learned a lot about landscaping, how to ride zero-turns, walk behinds etc… I learned how to participate in job activities with teams/crews.  I learned how to do more positive things and to make money in a way that’s not illegal.”

“[TEENS] teaches you constructive criticism, teamwork, responsibility and hard work.”

“[TEENS] teaches you a lot of self-discipline and works you and how it pays off.”

“I really enjoyed this program, it gives kids opportunities to have the knowledge of how to work and have experience.”

“[TEENS] teaches you how to work. Especially as a team.”

“I learned how to use a sod cutter, rototiller, how to make aquaponic systems and to take constructive criticism.”

“[I learned] how to have better work ethics and to use a weed-eater and zero turn.”

“You learn so many new things and it’s amazing.”

“I have learned how to operate some machinery that I didn’t [know] before how to properly aerate/seed/broadcast seed around properly, how to operate walk behind mowers…also safety.”

“I personally enjoy[ed] this program a lot.”